About Blue Ridge Homes

Brian Barrett
Blue Ridge Homes is owned and operated by Brian Barrett who brings 30 years of construction experience and the knowledge learned from performing in excess of 1,000 home inspections.  Below is short history of Blue Ridge Homes.


Blue Ridge Homes is Born

This was when are NC General Contracting license was issued. We established both Blue Ridge Homes and Carolina Mountain Realty and Development as a family business to handle both the acquisition and development of land into lots and then construct spec homes for the middle of the market.


Rapid Growth

We spent most of our first 3 years in business building spec home after spec home, with most homes located in Madison County just North of Asheville.


The Great Recession

Needless to say we did not do much these years as with most of the world as everything in the construction industry came to a stand still.


Custom ICF Homes

Coming out of the recession, Blue Ridge Homes wanted to do more than build spec homes and we wanted to push the boundaries of a home's energy efficiencies and its structural browess. We felt, and still feel, that Insulated Concrete Forms were the superior product to help us acheive those goals..


Home Inspections & Modulars

In late 2014 Blue Ridge Homes partnered up with another of our GC buddies and opened what would become Mountains to Sea Inspections. Over thousands of home inspections we learned a different way of looking at the home and continuing to expand upon our knowledge of a home's structure and systems. While building this new company Blue Ridge Homes also built the first couple of modular homes. Needless to say I am a convert.

2020 - Present

Blue Ridge Homes Now

In 2020 Blue Ridge Homes sold their interest in the home inspections company and went back over to the construction industry. Check out our Services Page to see what we are up to and services we can provide.